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According to, Cincinnati has more than doubled the national average consistently for robberies, thefts and burglaries year after year. The only real bright spot in crime reduction appears to be in auto theft but that provides little solace to high-end residents and small businesses who are consistently targeted. When the numbers are against you, better entry security, access control systems,  installing security cameras and video surveillance system may be some of the only solutions you have a your disposal to protect your property or business.

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Security Cameras May Identify Criminals Before Crime is Committed

Posted on 5/15/2015 by HSI Security in Security Cameras

This is an interesting case where the security cameras did capture the actual theft in progress in a jewelry store in Hyde Park. More importantly, the owner was able to review the tapes of visitors to this jewelry store during normal business hours where the perpetrator may have been casing the place before the actual crime was committed to possibly identify the thief.

Security cameras should record all activity associated with the business property and it's important to consider the detail well before and well after the crimes have been committed. In this case, if the owner can recall visitors to the store having specific questions about jewelry that was subsequently stolen, the actual identification of the suspect may be on tape well before the actual crime was committed when that same person might be wearing a mask, or otherwise trying to hide his identity.

It's important in these cases also to not just have security cameras inside (either hidden or not) but outside along the walkways and with parking lots and street views. Police can then identify if a vehicle used during the crime was the same vehicle in the vicinity when that same person was casing the business for a possible robbery. This is how you can tie a specific suspect, even if his face isn't captured on camera during the robbery, to the crime. 

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