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Why Cincinnati businesses need security cameras and surveillance systems

According to, Cincinnati has more than doubled the national average consistently for robberies, thefts and burglaries year after year. The only real bright spot in crime reduction appears to be in auto theft but that provides little solace to high-end residents and small businesses who are consistently targeted. When the numbers are against you, better entry security, access control systems,  installing security cameras and video surveillance system may be some of the only solutions you have a your disposal to protect your property or business.

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Security Cameras May Help Cincinnati Fight Crime

Posted on 5/14/2015 by HSI Security in Security Cameras Surveillance Systems

Placement of security cameras and even signage may deter criminal behavior. Certainly, a would-be thief does not want to get caught. In Cincinnati, where the rate of theft, burglaries and robberies are much higher than the national average - having visible security systems in place may not prevent a crime BUT it may prevent a crime from happening on your property.

The key is HIGHLY VISIBLE security cameras. Whether the security system is used to protect a personal residence or a business, visible cameras and signs indicating security surveillance and intrusion detection may deter a criminal who might consider the risk too great and look  for an easier target. In an environment where there doesn't seem to be effective policing, the only other options include property surveillance and perhaps company hired security personal (HSI provides both of these solutions).

Properly installed security cameras are an absolute must for businesses wanting to deter break-ins or to catch a criminal in the act. Cameras that capture video not only inside the building but in key entry areas like parking lots, access points and windows. Criminals that are bold enough to ignore camera systems my think putting a mask on could prevent their identification.

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