DVR - Digital Video Recorders

Digital video recorders, commonly referred to as DVR’s, offer a means of recording video from CCTV security cameras. Our DVR’s here at HSI Security Services are professional grade, have the ability to record long periods of time, and are able to search back over previously recorded video to display exactly what occurred and when it took place. Many digital video recorders have extra features, which include being able to control PTZ security cameras, record continuously, and the ability to view and protect your premises from a local or remote computer workstation at any time.

Especially for corporate customers, DVR systems are an integral part of camera-based monitoring. In certain applications, it is impractical to have a human watch video feeds at all times. In these situations, DVRs are critical. (Of course, in high-security situations, you should seriously consider having round-the-clock onsite monitoring.)

We have enormous experience with DVRs, and know which models will match your needs, perform reliably,  and feature appropriate ease of use. Contact us today.

DVR Features

4-32 channels

Windows, PC, Mac compatible

Multi-channel audio support

Types: Hybrid, PC based, and Embedded

Real time recording per channel

Multiple monitor outputs

Compatible with IP and Analog cameras

Up to 85 days of footage saved into the memory

Can be remotely viewed at any time through the internet

Easy to use software

  • Samsung DVR The SVR-3200 provides 32 channels of high resolution real-time video recording capability at half D1 (704 x 240) resolution. The SVR-3200 allows the user to customize the recording setting to achieve real-time full D1 (704 x 480) resolution on selected channels. The SVR-3200 also comes with network monitoring software which allows the user to have remote access and control of the DVR over the network. The SVR-3200 is the perfect choice for medium to large businesses.

  • Nuvico DVR - The Nuvico DVR has real-time recording per channel, multiple monitor outputs, multi-channel audio support, USB flashdrive file copy method, and time synchronization between multiple DVRs. These DVRs are Windows PC and Mac compatible and have a free EasyNet Touch mobile app. They can also be controlled through the front panel, IR Remote, Mouse and a Keyboard.  These Nuvico DVRs range from 4 channels to 32 channels.

Click this link for a short tutorial and demonstration of how the VAST software works.

  • Avanti NVR Rack Mount - Supports up to 32 channels of IP video, stores up to 18 terabytes of storage, option for a mobile phone application, and optimized for megapixel cameras.