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Outdoor Security Cameras

Posted on 8/16/2015 by HSI Security in Security Cameras Burglar Alarms Security Monitoring

The Cincinnati metropolitan area is known for having a rate of thefts, robberies, and burglaries that is more than double that of other cities around the U.S. This startling statistic suggests that property owners, including homeowners and business proprietors, should take steps to prevent the occurrence of burglaries. Safeguarding a home or a business with adequate security is important for keeping people safe when they are occupying the building and for securing property when they are not in the building. The first deterrent to crime may be a highly visible outdoor security camera.

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Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems

Posted on 8/16/2015 by HSI Security in Security Cameras Burglar Alarms Surveillance System Security Monitoring

If you are living in Cincinnati with more than twice the national crime rate for thefts, burglaries, and robberies, you are looking for a solution that can keep your home and family safe. As a business owner, you also want to maintain a safe environment for yourself and your personnel. While there has been some decline in the number of auto thefts in recent years, people who own Cincinnati businesses and residential properties are not reassured. They want a viable solution that will help them feel safe and that their property is not at such a high risk.

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Security Cameras - Why Security Alarms Alone Are Not Enough

Posted on 8/16/2015 by HSI Security in Security Cameras Burglar Alarms DVR

In comparison with national averages across the United States, Cincinnati has twice the amount of burglaries, thefts and other crimes. This is an important consideration for all business owners and homeowners. Alarm systems have proliferated in the Cincinnati market to the point where nuisance alarms are now drawing fines! Talk about adding insult to injury!

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