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Posted on 8/16/2015 by HSI Security in Security Cameras Burglar Alarms Security Monitoring

The Cincinnati metropolitan area is known for having a rate of thefts, robberies, and burglaries that is more than double that of other cities around the U.S. This startling statistic suggests that property owners, including homeowners and business proprietors, should take steps to prevent the occurrence of burglaries. Safeguarding a home or a business with adequate security is important for keeping people safe when they are occupying the building and for securing property when they are not in the building. The first deterrent to crime may be a highly visible outdoor security camera.

Benefits of Outdoor Security Cameras

A good security system includes an alarm mechanism to identify if intruders have invaded the perimeter. However, a security system offers more information and additional protection if you arrange for the installation of one or more outdoor security cameras. At a minimum, a camera enables you to view the people who are approaching and departing from all doorways to the building. In a private home, for example, parents can monitor what time the kids get home from school. In a business location, the manager can verify if employees on the last shift of the day are in fact leaving at the time that they recorded on their time-sheets.

Discouraging Burglars

Outdoor security cameras will indicate to burglars and other kinds of intruders that your home or building has a private security system. Criminals may attempt to find another point of entry, or they may be discouraged from attempting to enter at all. Criminals cannot be sure where you have hidden security cameras and where they could trigger an access control alarm. Even if they attempt to disable the camera (by shooting it for example), a good security system will already have recorded the activity. 

Monitoring Points of Entry

Rely on outdoor security cameras to monitor the parking areas and doorways to your building at all times. Keep an eye out for all kinds of suspicious activity and the comings and goings of all persons. From monitoring the activities of the pool maintenance tech to ensuring there’s no one lurking around your property at night, outdoor security cameras provide peace of mind. They are easy to connect to a computerized system for recording video footage and storing it for subsequent retrieval. This information is vital to law enforcement if your home or business is burglarized or targeted for other crimes.

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