Electronic Guards

Electronic Guards

Our electronic guards offer peace of mind.

Electronic security guard services are a cost effective way of maintaining watch at a job site, work facility or a remote location.  HSI Security Services has a state of the art monitoring facility that is staffed 24 hours a day, and located in Dayton, Ohio.  This monitoring facility is used to keep watch over our client’s property, regardless of location, and (in certain applications) can be almost as effective as onsite security.  Certain facilities, especially those with open floor plans, can be covered with only a few cameras – cameras our monitoring center can see and record the feeds from. Offsite monitoring is an excellent solution when you want a constant security watch, but do not desire an actual security presence. It is best applied in budget-restricted applications that can rely on outside law enforcement for incident response.

Our security guard services protect the livelihoods of our customers.  HSI strives to attain complete customer satisfaction for all types of industries and environments, and this shows in the number of long-term relationships we’ve been able to establish with our clients. Contact us today for electronic security guard service in the Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus areas.


  • An unarmed guard at your facility is approximately $14.25 per hour.
  • Electronic security guard services are approximately $4.95 per hour, and this usually remains constant – even with a large number of cameras and/ or intrusion detection sensors.

Some benefits of remote monitoring:

  • Improved security
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced business efficiency
  • Complete site coverage
  • An ability to handle multiple incidents at one time
  • 24/7 viewing capabilities
  • Reduction of false alarms