Wireless Access Control


HSI Security supplies the newest technology when it comes to wireless access control.  The iBridge is one of the latest technological innovations that is hitting homes. iBridge home controls indoor and outdoor lights, dimmers, thermostats, locks and small appliances operate using Z-Wave, a proven, wireless mesh networking technology that is a standard in wireless home control.  Devices can be manually activated, locally or remotely, and set to respond with custom scenes, schedules or occupancy. Download the app and use your smartphone as an on the go remote. Contact HSI Security at our Dayton, Columbus or Cincinnati location today to find out how access control can help keep you safe and secure.


HSI Security is also an installer of the 2gig systems.  This is an all in one security and home management system.  There is no need for telephone lines since these systems use GSM radio, the most reliable communication option available in the industry. This system allows the central station to listen in and talk to the homeowner when a signal is received. You can also control lighting, heating/air conditioning, other Z-wave appliances, and much more without the need for extra hardware.  Call one of our three locations in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus today for more information or questions. We will be happy to assist you.